Jonathan Matlock

Photo Shoot with Chelsea

Had a photo shoot last night. Here are some of the results:

Inspired Lighting

Inspired by the famous Kate Moss photo, here are a couple of photographs from a recent shoot:

Night Photography Experiment: Cowboys Stadium

Went out to shoot the monoliths in Arlington, but the lights never came on. So I got this shot of Cowboys stadium instead:

Little Lizard

Was out shooting some flowers and came across this little guy. Thankfully he struke a pose for me long enough to get a good shot off.

Fireworks Take One

Met up with some fellow photographers to shoot some fireworks. This was my first time shooting fireworks and I learn a lot. Here are a couple of highlights:

Fairies in the Forest

Was walking through the forest and found some fairies. Here is a photo from the set:

Skye Matlock Photo Shoot

Today I got to take some photos for my niece Skye. Here is one of my favorites from the set:

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