Jonathan Matlock

Held Hostage by 24

The last two months my free time has been held hostage by 24 the television series. What started as 3 downloads of season 1 to my new video iPod has turned me into a slave of 24. In an effort to catch up to season 6 and be “real time” with others watching, we have been diligently spending our free time trying to get caught up.

What makes this already difficult is staying caught up with the shows we already watch like Smallville, Lost, House and now a week dominated by American Idol and many others. I am happy to say that we are about to begin watching the first episode of season 6. Not only am I happy to be getting closer to “real time”, I am extremely excited to regain time on my weekends.

The weather outside is warming up so I need some time to get some gardening done. It looks like 10 more hours of 24 and I’ll be released to do so.

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