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Lights Out: 44 Days With No Artificial Light

Today is the first day of Lent and it is the first of 44 days that I will be without artificial light in my home. Because of my job things get a little tricky, so I had to make some rules for myself. Here are my rules for the next 44 days:

  1. Anything with a screen gets shut off at 7:30pm.
  2. My iPhone can only be used to make or receive phone calls. No texting, no apps after 7:30pm.
  3. No artificial light, including overhead lights, lamps, and the refrigerator light.
  4. Candles allowed
  5. If a client calls with a website emergency, I can use the computer.

I'm excited about this and the things I will learn during this time. I have already did a few test days to see what issues I might run up against, but I'm sure I'll discover so much more over the course of the next 44 days. This idea was inspired was living the previous month with no car. I then thought about what I might be able to do without for an extended period. After watching No Impact Man, I started thinking about electricity, and more specifically, light. Doing some research on the internet about this I came across J.D. Moyer's Sleep Experiment: A Month With No Artificial Light which has helped me prepare and plan for my own journey without light.

I'll try and keep my experience posted here on the blog. Here I go! Lights off!

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